BasaliTech mentor graces Facebook Developer Circle Panel

March 31, 2019

On Saturday 30th March, in celebration of Women's Histrory Month and to appreciate women in technology, one of our mentors Setsoto Hlohlomi, an IT Support Specialist at ZTE Corporation was one of the key note speakers and she also graced the panel at the Facebook Developer Circle held in Johannesburg.

In her speech she covered how to interest not only girls but children in technology through innovative hands on projects, and how to help females in STEM courses to transition successfully into STEM careers through the mentoring programme.

The event not only covered the societal impact of what some women out there are doing but it also brought together several women from different tech disciplines suct as Artificial Intelligence, where one techie explained the MLKit which performs text recognition, face detection as well as recognition.

It is the success stories of women in technology like these that we need to present to the world to show that being female does not mean you are incapable. We are grateful for the representation we received at this event.

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