Tech Kidz Session a Success !

April 13, 2019

Today, BasaliTech hosted a Tech Kidz Session at GrindNation Maseru, for boys and girls aged 6 - 13 with the effort to encourage participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields at a young age. The event saw 21 excited children gather in anticipation to learn the basics of Electronics, which was the topic of the day.

"Electricity is the movement of small particles called electrons in a circuit" said Maseabata Mongalo, a trainer at the event as she simplified the process of how electricity works to the young children.

Practical examples of applications of electricity such as providing light at home were made. Maseabata and her co-trainer Setsoto Hlohlomi then led the practicals that excited the students even more. One provided a clear example of lighting a house and one involved creating minions that moved around, giving the children an immense sense of accomplishment and demystified the complexity of Science, Technology, Engineeting and Math related activities.

The session also involved warning against unauthorised use of electricity and electrical appliances by children as it may cause shock and burning leading to terrible injuries and so the session was not only fun but informative as well. "Thank you so much, the kids really enjoyed themselves" said one parent whose two children had attended the event.

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